Jonathan Girling

Margaret Catchpole

Horse Ride to London

An original theatrical production by Eastern Angles in 2012, directed by Ivan Cutting.  A Suffolk folk-heroine, Margaret Catchpole (Rosalind Steele) takes on the Suffolk establishment at the turn of the nineteenth century, hoping to fulfil her dreams & marry her love, Will (Francis Woolf).  Written by Alasdair Cording, designed by Rosie Alabaster, lighting by Fiona Simpson, with movement by Nadia Morgan.

The music of the show was based around folk-song material, using a fantastic, impromptu Suffolk folk-based band (Jim/Claire, Megan, Simon & Val) with two violins, dulcimer (=recorder), accordion (=footbass) and percussion.

Set in the stunning Bentwaters ex-jet-engine testing hangar, The Hush House, it was a tremendous show, Jonathan’s first on Suffolk soil.